91 Honda Civic with weird electrical problem

As soon as the weather turns colder, the the dash and running lights do not come on immediately. The colder it gets, the longer it takes for them to come on. This is a problem because I leave for work before the sun comes up and have to wait up to fifteen minutes sometimes in cold weather before I have tail or dash lights. Anybody ever hear of this?

Bad contacts, on the switch. Needs cleaning. Any other electrical problem that you have noticed?

The connection problem could be within the light switch itself but I wouldn’t replace the switch without confirming it is bad first. You may be able to find the trouble area by tapping on suspected trouble areas with a screwdriver handle while the trouble is occurring. I recommend you get a service manual for the car so you can go over the wiring and check connections using a test light probe. You may be able to get some wiring info for the car at your local library.