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Issue with right turn indicator

I have a Nissan Sentra (1997 model).

When I turn right side indicator on, the indicator flashes at a very low frequency (about once 2 seconds). But if I put on the emergency flasher, all the indicator lights flash at same frequency. It used to blink every second earlier. Other thing I noticed was that the right front indicator is not as bright as the other indicators.

Someone said that it could be because of a short in the circuit somewhere. Is that possible?

Another thing I noticed was that the fuel efficiency reduced significantly the last time I filled the tank after I started noticing the problem with the indicator light. (Usually I used to get 25-26 mpg. But the last time I got 20 mpg). Could it be possible that if there is a short it is affecting the entire electrical system and that is causing the fuel efficiency to go down (I am guessing something to do with low current through spark plug or something like that?)

If there were a short a fuse would blow. I’d clean the socket of right front signal bulb, and possibly replace the bulb and see if that fixes the turn signals. Also check any ground connections in the turn signal wiring.

Lots of things can reduce fuel mileage in the short term, and one tank of gas is not enough to say you’ve got a problem. If mileage STAYS at 20, tank after tank, when it used to be 25-26, then it’s worth looking for a problem.

Mcp speaks the truth.

Let me add that if the turn signal bulbs still flash slowly after cleaning /replacing, replace the flasher.