Discontinued Part for Ford Focus (6S4Z-9A758-AA)

Throttle Cable - Ford (6S4Z-9A758-AA)

I am trying to find this part but have only run into information about it being discontinued. This would be for my 2006 Ford Focus Wagon. If this part is no longer available is there something else that can be substituted?

My concern is over the weekend we were cleaning the Throttle body and when removing the pin end of it one of the plastic tabs broke off (but the other tab is still holding it in place). I am not sure if that is strong enough to keep the pin in place or if it will eventually slide off affecting my ability to accelerate.

Perfect world I would just replace the part but if I cannot find it, how safe do you think it is operating my car “as is”? Again, the pin seems to be held securely in place by just that one tab.

Thanks in advance.


If the cable falls off or breaks, you can’t accelerate. Seems pretty safe to me compared to other failures. Going is always optional, stopping is not.

Don’t speculate if it is strong enough to hold, test it.


I found one on EBay…

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Only if they had one for sale, it’s listed as currently out of stock


Oops, missed that.


That fitting looks similar to an accelerator pedal to carb cable connetion I have on an old car, part also unavailable. (Circular part inside the oval slips over a ball or lever?)

If so my Redneck Repair involved a couple of inches of copper bell wire, twisted to keep the fitting from slipping off and has lasted for 3 years now.


Thank you - we are going to test it but also looking into using a trimmed down tie of some sort to keep it from slipping off.

If you mean the plastic zip ties they will not last long enough in an engine compartment .


Another idea, go for a used part from wrecked Focus. I searched the Pick N Pull website in my area, they have 18 2006 Ford Focus’s within 100 miles ready for folks to take parts, up on blocks. Closest less than 10 miles. Local auto parts recyclers is a good source for this used part too I expect.

No 2006 Focus’s in your area? That part is probably used on more than just a 2006 Focus. If you visit your local pick n pull, they’ll provide a list of every car that uses that part.


Funny you should mention that because we are thinking the same thing using wire tires trimmed down. :slight_smile:

@augie428_183063 Just to make it easier on you all of your replies are seen by everyone so it is not necessary to reply to each person who posts.

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What would you suggest to use in place of the plastic ties?

As a former racer who worked on his own race a street cars, I can assure you quality plastic zip ties work just fine in an engine compartment. Just make sure they are not so tight or in a position to bind the throttle.


Thanks Mustangman. We were kind of wondering the same thing because the piece it’s essentially replacing is plastic as well. We planned on using a thicker quality zip tie as opposed to something cheap.

How 'bout if you slip the cable on the throttle body, then a flat washer, and then a clip like this where it can be squeezed down to clamp onto the post.



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Suggesting OP not use a mickey-mouse remedy for this. If cable disconnects at inopportune time, could present serious safety problem. Like crossing a rail-road track. Even if not a safety issue, can be pretty assured that Murphy’s Law will prevail, cable will break in middle of night, and it will be cold & raining, and cell phone battery will be dead. Custom sol’n probably ok, but make sure it is at least as sturdy and functional as oem part.

Completely agree, a NOS stock is MUCH better than a “Redneck Repair” and may save you big bucks but sometimes a replacement is simply unavailable.

Where possible I’ve managed to recast with epoxy but sometimes the original part was so flimsey that it wasn’t possible

Ergo, “Rednck Engineering.”, “What as the purpose of the original connection” and “How can I restore the connection?” ,

Tefzel zip ties. They are a plastic and have excellent heat resistance. They are blue. Here’s a link to 4” Tefzel zip ties. 100 for $35.

I didn’t see the out of stock part but I don’t do anything with eBay. The ones I saw were around $30 but I think for a different engine. Guy must be proud of that part or the last one in the west.

Yeah if the only concern is it slipping off, I think I would just do a modification depending on what the stud looks like. Maybe just a spring cap or something or drill a hole for a cotter or something but if a ball joint options are limited. Or just some wire wrapped around the joint.

Don’t listen to me though, took the wrong nut off my miter saw and turned a one hour job into a three hour job.

lol … I think we’ve all made similar mistakes. I removed a bolt on a high school shop class table-saw, from what I thought was a captive nut, but it wasn’t, and the nut fell into an inaccessible location in the table saw’s innards. Got a C- in that class, instructor seemed mighty perturbed … lol …

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