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Issue w/PT Cruiser engine mounts?

My wife is driving a 2004 (2005?) Chrysler PT Cruiser which she purchased not because she had researched it or because it got fantabulous fuel mileage, but rather because she liked the look of it. Not long after the purchase, her motor mounts went bad and had to be replaced. Fortunately, it was covered under warranty–but still, it seemed like a helluva thing to happen to such a young car (purchased it new), especially when the owner drives like a little old lady (her words, not mine!). Now, here we are about 2 years later, and the motor mounts are breaking /again/. Is this a “known issue” with the PT Cruiser? Is there something we can do aside from eating ~$1500 every 2-3 years?

These are hydraulic engine mounts. Which means there’s oil inside the bladder of the mount. Unfortunately, the engine/tranny mounts for the PT Cruiser aren’t known for their longevity.


If you are unwilling to purchase these mounts from a dealership which would not run you $1500. If that was a quote from a dealership shop around as you can purchase these mounts aftermarket for under $200 @