Is this ad for real?

This purports to be a WD-40 ad from 1960, but I can’t verify if it is real, or if somebody created it for laughs.


Can’t be real. I cannot imagine any real marketing manager let this one through.

Agreed; I couldn’t see WD-40 being advertised in that manner now much less 50 years ago.

Yeah I think even in the 40’s it would have been a little over the top. That was before printers and copiers so it would have had to be done on an offset or something at some expense for a joke.

It could have been done last week and aged to look like it is 50 years old.

Perhaps, but we made jokes 50 years ago too… :blush:

If that’s actual advertisement copy, I sure hope the WD 40 corporation didn’t fork over much money to the advertising agency.

It’s a fake that has been making the rounds of the internet for a couple years. The company’s response to
WD-40 Company does not believe that the ad that has been making the rounds on the Internet – and is purported to be an actual ad from the 1960s – is real. We first saw this document in late October, and have not been able to verify its existence through our internal records.

In addition, there are several features of the ad that lead us to believe it is not accurate and has been created more recently. First, the paper in the ad appears old and wrinkled, but the type on the ad does not, which indicates the text is probably something that was added to a digital background. Second, we would have likely used WD-40 with a hyphen, which does not appear in the ad. And third, it is highly unlikely that WD-40 Company would have authorized such an ad, even in the 60s when ad standards were less stringent than they are now.

We do have some of our actual historical ads on our website at under the Historical USA Ads tab.

Bottom Line

The 1964 WD-40 ad filled with sexual overtones is not real. A company representative told us they only first saw the document in October 2014 and have no record of the ad. They also noted that the name is not presented properly, using a hyphen, which is one of many clues that it’s fake.

I liked to look at some of the uses in the gallery. Although everyone says its just a water dispersent, it worked great on the drill press drilling large holes in steel, just like the ad said.

WD-40 use #217 ?
Keeps you guitar strings fresher longer.

The lower notes’ strings( the fatter ones ) on guitars are a layered wound assembly. The only strait solid wire is the center core.
My bass guitar strings are two or three layers wound in opposite directions . As you play , the sweat and other hand gunk gets driven into the windings and WD-40 loosens this to allow a cleaner un-restricted vibration sounding near new.

( btw; that sill ‘‘ad’’ is only for its sexual undertones )

Perhaps ,some Folks have too much time on their hands .