Is this a knock sensor issue? 2006 impala

just to clarify i did get codes read it says knock sensor bank 2 but my car when i accelerate it feels like it has trouble around 20 then boom starts going normal speed. Would the knock sensor cause this? I am going to be getting one and installing it monday. also i did change the throttle body and still same thing happens.

So what are they? Why are you hiding them from us? You know we insist on the actual codes.

Why did you do this? This isn’t your first post about this car, you know the drill.

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lol well i did it a while ago but im poor lol. the code at autozone came out as Code P0332 Knock Sensor 2 Low Circuit Input (Bank 2). i changed throttle body anyway i said why not, it was free,

also thanks for noticing lmao i fixed the brakes the abs needed auto bleed so i found someone to run that with me we got it working i feel like i need to run auto bleed a few more times tho,

If it was free, why would you think it was any better than the one you already had?

Changing the knock sensor may not fix your problem but that is the most likely reason a P0332 was set.

was cleaner lol idk looked new. but still runs and drives but ima get the knock sensor. e z job. but check it man ima rebuild the entire car im just learning u know. if something is free why not i get to keep the old part just in case labor aint no thang.

finally got it done buddy car is in great shape now.

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