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2006 VW jetta error code P0332. Knock sensor 2

Hello everyone,
i have a 2006 VW Jetta with 92K miles and just a couple of days ago my check engine late came on and when i took to an auto store to check the code, it came as P0332, Knock sensor 2 in bank 2 is faulty. Three things have happened all around the same time and I am not sure if they are related and are just coincidence.
1.Check engine light came on.
2. I have noticed after that, my car RPM has dropped, idles at about 600-700RPM and when trying to accelerate, it tops at 3000 RPm and feels like the motor cuts off at that point and I have to step off the gas and the car runs ok again, but cant go over 3000. had trouble getting on the interstate due to this and thought the car was going to stall, but it didnt. just had to back off the gas and let it run, It did go up to the speed that I wanted, but seems like it wont go past the 3000 RPM point.
3. My fuel gauge, drops to empty when it reaches the half way mark on the meter. It stays at the correct level when I start and keep the car in idle, but when I start moving, it drops to empty. When I fill up the tank, it goes all the way to F, and after the car goes the usualy of abt 190-210 miles, when It reaches the half full level, teh meter drops to zero, so have been using my trip odometer to drive after that.

any ideas solutions? is it safe to drive? what is wrong and what is the fix? how much would the cost and expense run? should I take it to a VW dealership for the service? can my local mechanic be able to fix it?

I’m not sure how related all these symptoms are. I would suspect a faulty sending unit in your gas tank for the gas gauge problem.

My experience with VW knock sensors is that sometimes corrosion or grime gets betwen the face of the sensor and the engine block and results in a fault code. Unbolting the sensor, cleaning both surfaces and then reattaching the sensor may fix the problem. You have to clear the error code to turn off the check engine light. Good luck.

P0332 does not mean that you have a faulty knock sensor. It means that the PCM is seeing lower than expected voltage. This can be due to a bad sensor. Or a problem anywhere else in the circuit - basically the wiring between the sensor and PCM.

As long as the P0332 is set the car won’t run right and will exhibit symptoms like those that you describe. You also stand a good chance of engine damage because without the correct signal the PCM can’t adjust ignition timing to prevent knocking. The RPM limit you’re getting is probably related to some kind of safety programming to minimize the chances of that.

In any case, I wouldn’t drive it as all like this. I would do as Frontdriver suggested and pull the sensor for inspection and cleaning, and then inspect the wiring for it.

My WAG is that you have a dying fuel pump, causing the rear bank to run lean at times resulting in pinging, and causing fuel starvation limiting the capabilities of the engine.

Fuel line pressure is an easy test. I’d start there. Let us know how you make out.

thank you all for the info and suggestions. I cant take my car in to my mechanic till wednesday. Am I gonna be alright driving this car till then? I havent noticed a drop in mileage or how the car is running. can anyone gi ve me an estimate of how much should it cost for me to fix this error? DO i need to take it to a vw delaership to check the code(check engine light) or just testing it at my mechanic is good enough?please give me some advice, thank you

Your mechanic should have no trouble diagnosing and repairing this.
I would avoid driving it if you have an alternative available. If you DO have to drive it, be very tender with the gas pedal and fill it with premium gas. Both will help prevent pinging.

Well, the problem is that you did report problems with how the car is running, including that it won’t go past 3000 rpm. Now, that might just be the computer “protecting” the engine and running it in a way that will avoid knock. I don’t know how VW programs it. But the fact is that the knock sensor is there to report knocking to the computer so that it can make whatever adjustments are needed to avoid it - since knock is bad for the engine. When you’re putting load on the engine (e.g. climbing a hill) does it ever sound like there might be marbles rolling around in a can someplace?

Personally, I wouldn’t want to drive it until it was checked out. But I suppose that if my back was completely up against the wall, I’d probably put high octane gas in it (reduces odds of knock) and drive it gently. I’d probably also avoid the interstates and generally anything else that requires a lot of engine load. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but…

It’s true that this is Wikipedia, but it’s not a bad little article:

thank you for the input guys. I will make sure that i fill up with premium gas. luckily, no hills to go over, no interstates to drive on for me. @cig, nothing wrong in being paranoid. better to err on the side of caution. i dont hear any marbles rolling in a can. good thing i guess?. does adding any additives help in the mean time, like a fuel system cleaner?

An occasional bottle (1-2x / yr) of a high quality fuel system cleaner (e.g. Chevron Techron, Seafoam, Berryman’s) won’t hurt anything and could help over the long haul. It might also do nothing at all but it won’t hurt.

But it won’t do anything for current situation. If you end up hearing the marbles/rattling noises just cut back off of the gas pedal and drive to avoid it.

There may be an anti-knock additive out there and if there is it should provide a bit of extra protection. Stop by the parts store. There should be one on the shelves.

You’re not being paranoid. It ain’t paranoia if it’s true. You have a very real problem. Addressing it is smart.

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