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Knock Sensor on a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe with 220K

The CEL comes on in my 2004 Tahoe with 220K. I check it with my scanner(homeowner version) and it gives me the P0332 code which is the knock sensor code. I clear it and I can go about 150 miles before it comes on again. Tahoe seems to run fine. I don’t notice anything obvious. Rides good, normal gas mileage etc. Could something else be happening to make Tahoe throw that code or is it for sure the knock sensor, or is there anyway to tell? Thanks in advance.

A failing knock sensor can affect engine performance, slow acceleration, poor gas mileage and eventually cause harm to the engine.

Tahoes seem to have more of a problem with knock sensors than others, according to a quick google search. I would just replace the knock sensor. Look on youtube and decide if this is a job for you or to take it to a mechanic.

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You will want to replace both sensors and the subharness. Do not try to reuse the intake gaskets, replace them

I’ve done a ton of these

Trust me on the harness, they get brittle and break