Is this a fuel line leak? It's definitely gas dripping (video) (pics)

Appears to be leaking gas above the green lines. I just want to make sure it’s a line and not something like a filler neck seeping through.

How much generally would a repair cost for something like this? 04 kia amanti


Cost , 1.00 to 10000.00 . Seriously , you don’t even know what the real problem is so how would someone who can’t see the vehicle in person know. If you can’t fix this then you need a shop before you have a car fire . I would advise having it taken to a shop by a wrecker service .

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@VOLVO-V70 I just found out today and I’m scheduled tomorrow to look at it. Based in the video it’s leaking fuel from one of the lines at the clamp. I was just wondering based on that how much it might be

This kind of problem would be cheaper if you took it to an independent garage.

That’s all I only do @oldnotdeadyet

Gas line replacement is about $600 for a Chevy Cobalt. Expect the cost to be similar for your Kia.

The video won’t play for me, I only see the still picture4 and I don’t see a drip or a clamp. You obviously live someplace with no rust. Fuel line leaks are common in the rust belt but I see no reason tho replace the whole line. I would just cut out a small section that contains the leak and replace with a short section of high pressure neoprene fuel line and double high pressure clamps. If tou use 2 high pressure clamps on each side, you don’t have to flare the line.

@oldtimer_11 the video is the link below the picture. You still think so?

Thanks, I as able to see the video, but I could not see exactly where it was leaking from, just where it was dripping from. I would take the clamp off and slightly lower and separate the lines until I could see the leak source. Then I would proceed as I described earlier. One caveat, I would look up the fuel pressure ofr your car and make sure4 the flexible line you buy is rated for at least that much.

UPDATE: I guess he had to run a new line half way through and it costed 205$. Does this sound reasonable? Here’s the receipt

He did not have any compression fittings in stock he said

@oldtimer_11 @jtsanders

What does it matter ? It had to be repaired . Maybe another shop might have been cheaper or higher .

“what does it matter”… maybe because I don’t wanna be ripped off? Yes, it needed repair but my question was to make sure I wasn’t over priced. Is that not a reasonable question to ask??

It looks pretty reasonable to me.

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@NYBo thank you alot. Just don’t wanna be taken for a run

The price doesn’t look reasonable to me, but then I’m not looking at the car or seeing what needed to be repaired. At the shop where I work if we were running new fuel line halfway through the car the labor would probably have been twice what you paid. Looks like you got off pretty cheap.


It’s reasonable to ask before the work is done. Now, there’s not much you could do, right? So why worry about it? This was a safety-related, gotta get it done NOW kind of repair. Not the kind to bargain shop.

Price looks fine to me, anyway.

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Drive on, and go back to that shop. You got a reasonable price for a needed repair.


Looks like they did only what was necessary, which was nice because some shops would see any fuel leak and push replacing the entire line (big bucks).

Buy them a box of brownies