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2014 chevy spark fuel line

My son’s fuel line is leaking gas when the car is turned on. We paid $70 to having a roving mechanic look at it and he said he could not fix it as the gas tank needs to be lowered.He said it needs a new fuel line and the cost should be around $300. I had it towed into a chevy dealer and they just called and quoted me $587 to fix it(it just needs a new hose but as I said the tank needs to be lowered). They also said I needed the fuel injector flushed or cleared and now the quote is $749. I feel like this is a total scam and wondered what your thoughts are. Thanks for your time.

That’s a line of B.S.

Have it towed to an independent shop.

The tank may have to be lowered to do the repair.

I don’t know?

But here’s the kit I have for repairing fuel lines.


Concur, this work will be less expensive if done at a local independent. Ask your friends and such which shop they use, then choose a shop that specializes in Chevy’s, or at least American cars. I wouldn’t flush the injectors unless there is objective evidence they need to be flushed. Like an injector balance test. I wouldn’t be as much concerned at the fee as that they might damage something else in fuel system in the process.