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Gas tank leak ? Is this the problem?

Gas tank is leaking- see the bolt missing? Is that enough to be the only problem or is there some sort of gasket as well? Took it to get inspection, mechanic said probably fuel line, tank and sending unit. I take it home to look for myself and this is what I see.

Lag, are you just trying to blow yourself up ? Why did you not let the mechanic fix this ?

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What? I haven’t done anything to it. I took It to inspection and was told itll cost 1000 dollars to repair. Looking fo second opinion is all. I don’t think the mechanic saw this hole here

Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom

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I think the bolt holds the tank to the body. The tank is sealed. You either need a new tank or a tank repair if the hole is small enough. Get it fixed ASAP. You really shouldn’t drive it except to get to the next estimate.

I didn’t see a bolt missing except an unused hole on the tank flange which is meaningless. At any rate the gas is coming from the top of the tank so what could that be? Rust hole on the top of the tank, gasket for the fuel pump, leaking connector for the fuel lines going to the pump, or some other surprise. $1000? The tank needs to be pulled and then the connections looked at. Baring a new tank shouldn’t be more than a few hundred to pull the tank and check.

That car might have an access panel under the back seat. If so the problem might be easily viewed and repaired.

Maybe if you just keep driving the problem will resolve itself. Personally if my car was leaking that much fuel, I would have told the shop to find and fix it right then rather than chance driving around for other opinions.

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