Clock spring

Average cost to have the clock spring replaced for a 1997 Town & Country?

Best case scenario: free. There was a recall for this. In order to qualify now that the vehicle is 12 years old, the airbag light has to be on.

Oh! Yep, the airbag light is on, but I read about the recall with only 70,000 miles or less. I guess I should still try.

At 70,000 miles or less, a dealer will automatically replace the clock spring for you under warranty - regardless of whether the current spring has triggered the airbag light or not.

If your vehicle has over 70,000 miles, they will replace it under warranty if the airbag light is on, and if the cause for the light is the clock spring.

No, No, What they are saying is if the vehicle has less than 70k the dealer must replace the clock spring per the recall on ALL the vehicles affected even if it is functioning properly. If the vehicle has over 70k they will not replace the clock spring under the recall UNLESS the clock spring has failed. THEN they would replace it. My wifes failed in her old 96 Grand Voyager at 100k. It was replaced free of charge under the recall.

I’m trying to recall this by memory, does that sound right to you Bob??


Essentially correct. However, the failure for those vehicles with more than 70K miles must involve the airbag circuitry, as JoeMario said. Failure of just the horn and/or cruise control circuits won’t qualify for the recall.