Is the shop trying to rip me off?

Hi. Just did control arms , ball joints, suspension and a cv axle replacement on a 2001 Honda Civic. Just took it in for an alignment and they said the tie was way off which I knew would be. They also said the camber was off and I should have used new bolts to connect the suspension to the control arms. They seem a little greasy. All work was on the front end and I did everything going step by step with 1a autos YouTube channel. Do you think they’re trying to sell me a service I don’t need?

I meant toe not tie when talking about the alignment being off.

If the camber was off, depending in how far, a set of crash bolts or camber correction bolts may, indeed be required as there is no adjustment in these parts from the factory.

Thanks. What could cause the camber to be off?

Sagged springs, replacement parts that are a little bit out of spec, assembly slop. Tolerances can stack up. You can use the slop in the bolt holes to make limited adjustment and by the same token, how it is all loaded when you tighten the bolts can throw you out of tolerance.

Control arms, ball joints, I get that
And suspension? What does that mean?
New struts? New coil springs?
Car is 19yrs old. Wheel bearings are good?

Camber could also be off because the car may have been involved in a collision, curb strike, or whatever.
Camber will throw the toe off so that needs to be corrected first.

If the camber is off by quite a bit I would suspect that something (strut towers, subframe, etc) is bent to one degree or the other.

Replace w new bolts seems worth a try. Or just correct toe and drive watcjin for tire wear problems.