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Adjusting camber

How do you adjust the front camber on 06 Chrysler Sebring?

You purchase a camber kit.


You take it to an alignment shop.
Some vehicles require a special “kit” to adjust the camber, but whether the car does or not the camber angle affects the caster angle and they affect everything else. If you have to ask, than you need someone with the knowledge and training and the proper equipment.

If the camber is out considerably then you need to think about what is worn out or bent.

Should it be assumed there is too much negative camber? A little too much can be due to minor wear and suspension settling. Considerably out could mean a worn ball joint or damaged lower control arm from a large pothole or curb strike.

I just replaced lower control arms and now camber way off. Outside of my tires are wearing at a very fast rate. Don’t understand why camber is so far off since control arms are the same.

If the outside edges are wearing this means too much positive camber or too much toe in.

Positive camber means the top of the tire is leaning out instead of in. Is it?

You have multiple threads about basically the same problem. Clearly you are in over your head so take Mr. Mountains advice and have this vehicle’s front end done properly.

If there is a significant change in camber you did something wrong. However minor changes occur when replacing suspension components that have a great affect on the toe setting.

Improper camber can take tens of thousands of miles to reveal uneven wear, improper toe can burn up tires in a day or two.

“You take it to an alignment shop.”

100% correct. A driveway alignment is only used to get you to the nearest alignment shop.

A driveway alignment is only used to get you to the nearest alignment shop

Unless you really know what you are doing and have the right tools - camber gauge, toe-plates or stringlines, turning plates and a fairly flat place you can level the car out to take the measurements.

I’ve done almost all of my alignments at home in the drive with no issues. Toe is done with a lengthy piece of aluminum angle with marks and camber is done with a modified carpenter’s level marked in degrees with a plumb bob of sorts.

Yeah, @ok4450, but you know what you’re doing. If someone has to ask the question on an internet forum, they at least need to find experienced supervision for their first attempt.

+1 to shadow’s post.
Is it safe to assume that you’re not recommending that the OP use your procedure?