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Is It Worth It

Have been looking for a compact pickup to use as a third car. Found a 2000 Ford Ranger, six cylinder, extended cab, with cap, 130,000 miles, inspected. Seems to be in good shape, but I plan to take to my mechanic. Just curious if $5,500 is too much?

So much depends upon the condition. Wait to see what mechanic says. Be adament about checking rust in fender liners seams, running boards, tailgate etc. It’s enough money to expect one with little rust. ANY bubbling anywhere is a red flag. They’re not my favorite truck, but if you like it, I’d bargain down some. It seems about $1K or so too high even from a dealer.

Why ask here? Why not check kelly blue book or NADA? If you can’t find them online, look in your local library. If it is as good as mine they will have one, the other or both.

KBB says $4,750 for good condition. NADA says $4,500 +/- for clean trade in. Dagosa is OTM at $1K or so too high.

My opinion is that many book values are often a bit high for the real world. This truck is 10 years old with well over a 100k miles and I think it’s overpriced even at 4500 dollars.

To get an indication of what many similar Rangers actually sell for visit eBay and compare not only prices for trucks that are currently up for auction but also check the “completed auctions” listings.

I suppose I should have been more exacting in my query. I also was looking for feedback on the quality / potential reliability of a 2000 Ford Ranger. Have never owned one, and am looking for advice re: is this generally a good compact pickup to purchase on the used market. Thanks.

At this age, it’s all about how it was maintained. Here’s MSN Autos’ opinion on reliability:

The basic design of the Ranger dates back to 1983. They do not have high satisfaction ratings but are cheap to buy and fill a need if you don’t drive it too often to tire of.
Reliability is not an issue as even a Toyota that’s 10 years old has reliability more related to service than make. Crap shoot on any thing that old.
You will be putting repair money into any truck that old with that many miles.
I repeat, it’s more important that the body is rust free and solid. That’s way too expensive to repair.