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Light valve train tick

2010 KIA Forte SX 6spd MT 30,000 miles. It has developed a light tick. which I would guess is valve train. I am not familiar with components of the DOHC valve train. I don’t hear it on start up. after a few seconds when idle reduces to about 600rpms I can hear it. After 3 or 4 minutes it almost goes away. Oil level is perfect (slightly less than full). It is going to the dealership day after tomorrow. It is still under 5 year 60,000 mile full warranty plus 10 year 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty. Should I drive it 15 miles to the dealership? I just don’t want a 2 day job turning into a 2 week job while I am paying for a rental car.

Yes, drive to the dealership

This sounds like one of two things

Valves need adjustment

Hydraulic lash adjuster needs replacement

I had the same symptoms on a 1991 Camry 4-cyl at 30K. Dealer said it was carbon buildup and they’d use “GM Top Engine Cleaner” to fix it. I would have bet money that would be a wasted exercise, but it stopped the ticking noise and it never came back (used Techron or STP pretty regularly afterward).

As long as you don’t have oil pressure indicators flashing or ticking, 15 miles probably isn’t going to hurt. Besides, it’s still warrantied. :slight_smile:

Thanks all. Scheduled maintenance for valve lash adjustment is 60,000 miles. maybe I can add another 60,000 miles to that under warranty. Win! Win! No warning lights of any sort. Most of my refueling is Chevron with Techron. If there is carbon buildup at 30,000 miles I would suspect something is wrong. My main concern was oil pressure as the Castrol 5/20 would increase viscosity when warm and possibly decrease the tick.

Valve lash is generally not a warrantable item. That’s considered a customer pay maintenance item just like oil changes, filters, etc.