2000 venture


3 days agao i traded my truck in on a van,The van ran great for the test drive and all the way home.It sat for a couple of hours and now it ticks like its going to blow up.Im sure its the lifters but am i screwed from the dealership,i dident get a warrenty cause i couldent afford one.But it ran great!!!So is the dealer resposible or am i stuck?


Yes, it’s likely the lifter(s).

The dealer didn’t even give you a 30 day warranty?


He dident say anything about a warrenty,he tryed to sell me a warrenty but it was too much,something like 2 or 3 years!Im going to call tomorrow and see what he says!


I have a 2000 Olds Silhouette and the 3.4L in it also ticks , but ONLY for a few moments until the lifters get lubricated then it gets quiet.

A little more so on real cold winter mornings.

What oil rating are you using?

GM recommends 5W30 but I only use that for the winter months and use 10W30 the rest of the year.

Your lifters may need adjusting if they’re consistently noisy.


Well i just went out and let the van run for a while and it stoped ticking so could it be a stuck lifter or could it be clogged up?


Be sure to CHECK the engine oil level. It wouldn’t hurt to change the oil.


Well heres the deal i drove the van to work last night and no ticking,only when its cold it ticks,i talked to a co worker and he said one of my lifters is loose so i think im going to take the valve cover off and tighten it down but i have to find the tourque specs first any body have this let me know.And thank you all for the help!!!


Tightening down a valve lifter until it’s quiet will cause a misfire and a burned valve on that cylinder. You can get a product from the auto parts store which will quieten valves.


I used the stp oil treatment and it dident do much,it is loose very loose so should i leave it alone or tighten it down>>?


It’s EXPENSIVE to burn a valve. If you can get a mechanic to do some “over-the-shoulder instruction”, you could try that way. But, to just tighten a valve, can lead to grief (your wallet can hurt!).


So what if it is loose and not to specs should i tighten it or just leave it alone?


I would say the lifter has some dirt in it and takes more time than the others to lube and quieten down.

If it goes quiet after a couple of minutes from a cold start, forget about it. No damage will be done.


But the noise is driving me nuts!!!(lol)


Unless you are an auto tech I wouldn’t want to take a chance on damaging the engine over noisy lifters.

Another trick you can use is to drain a quart of engine oil, replace with 1 quart of tranny fluid and run the engine for a couple hundred miles.

Drain the oil and change the filter and replace with new oil and filter.

Likely (and perhaps lucky) the noisy lifter is no more.

I did this with a '94 Voyager 3.0L V6 and it worked. Who knows till you try eh?


Thanks for the tip i will try anything right now!!!