Is Refund Consulting Legal

Hi, I am Helen, Is Refund Consulting Legal

Sorry, you posted on the wrong site.
This isCar Talk, not Legal Talk.
Out of curiosity, why not ask your lawyer?
After all, you will need one if setting up a consulting firm.


Probably. Since you risk legal action against you if it isn’t, you should check with a lawyer, not with us. We don’t care about it.

It’s a thing in Australia, and a quick web search turned up companies in NY and Florida that are doing it so probably. I would assume state/local laws would also apply.

Me, I just follow the instruction provided for a refund offer.

Fine line I guess depending on what you do and say. Like asking if selling cars is legal. Thing is every state has an office of unclaimed funds and it is fairly easy to check on line to see if your name is on the list. Banks and others turn unclaimed funds over to this entity after a particular amount of time, so really just a few places to check. I’m sure I left 43 cents in some account somewhere but I’d have to buy a stamp to claim it.