Pass inspection or refund

If i was to buy a used car from a dealer and it dose’nt pass inspection, Should the dealer refund my money back by law.

You haven’t provided enough information.

Year and mileage of the Impreza? What sort of inspection? Safety or emissions? Did the vehicle have a current inspection sticker when you bought it? How long between the purchase and the subsequent inspection? Was the vehicle sold “as is” or was there a warranty? Is the warranty still in effect? What does the warranty cover?

This would depend on the laws and regulations in your “mystery” state of residence.

On any legal issue, it is best to ask those who are the experts, rather than anonymous people who will give random opinions via the internet. Following the random advice of people who are not legal experts–and who have no idea about which state you reside in–could very likely cause you to make a bad decision that is not based on the actual regulations in your state of residence.

For this particular question, you should check with the DMV and the Office of Consumer Affairs in your state.

He lists his zip code as 15501, which comes up in PA

Most dealers in PA inspect the car when it is sold, so it should come with a current inspection sticker. A year later when you take it for inspection if it fails it is on you to make the repairs for it to pass.

If your dealer is selling the car “as is” then you need to ask them the question specifically about the inspection. I expect a sale from a dealer to mean the car will pass inspection in the state where it is sold.

Private sellers are a whole different story, but you asked about dealer sales.

The laws in each state/provence vary, but in general used cars are sold as is and once you get it off the lot it is yours, problems and all.

In locals with pollution inspections, it is possible some may require the initial inspection or no deal, I really don’t know.

Other than that, the dealer is only responsible for what he signed for. You are not likely to find many that will guarantee anything.

The dealer is responsible for all inspections and should not sell a used car that isn’t inspected and certified unless it is an “as is” sale usually with no warranty expressed or implied and paperwork that says that.