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Sales tax car refund/ dealer told me it was going to be refunded but I found its not

I cancled a MPP plan and I am getting that refund, but i asked the car dealer about the sales tax I had to pay for it like if I were going to get it back he said yeah, but as I called the MPP place they told me it was only the for the protection not the plan. is there anyway I can make them give me the money back that I paid on taxes he technically lied to me. On the tax form for the sales tax/license plates they put the wrong sales taxes, can I have them redo my paper work in anyway?

Have no idea what a MPP plan is. All states have their own rules and you don’t state where you are. The registration office should be able to charge the correct amount for tags and tax. Other than that you need advice that can’t come from a forum.

What is an MPP plan; a type of extended warranty?

A car dealer lied to you to make a sale. I am so shocked (sarcasm). Caveat Emptor.

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I just looked it up . . . mechanical protection plan

In other words, extended warranty

Yeah, skip it. Almost nobody ever breaks even, so to speak. And if you do, then that’s not saying much about the car. And you’d be wise to consider dumping it as soon as it’s paid off, because the writing may be on the wall

These are big money makes for the dealerships, not so great for the customer. You’re paying DEARLY for peace of mind. In fact, you’re literally gambling that something will break, and you’ll likely lose that bet, or if something is covered, it’ll be something inexpensive, far cheaper than the cost of the plan

Set money aside for future repairs, when the car is out of warranty


The seller of the MPP does not get the tax revenues and therefore doesn’t have them to return.
And the state never returns tax revenues on sales. That money is gone.

If the salesman lied to you, well, salesmen lie. That’s what they do. Unless something is in writing, you’re screwed. Yup, they screw people too. Whatever’s convenient to make a sale.

Sorry. That’s life.


I was messaging/texting him and he said that the sales tax should go with the refund and he also told me when I was on the phone with him.

I once bought a bunch of PCs that had a manufacturer’s rebate on them. The total rebate came to several thousand dollars. I was annoyed to find that I had to pay sales tax on the rebated money. I appealed to the state tax offices and was told that that was the law…

I’m afraid I don’t agree. If you return a product that you purchased in a retail store, you get the sales tax back. This case seems to be the same.


The retailer collects the tax at the time of sale and periodically sends it to the state’s revenue department.

Each state has its own laws about sales taxes, and its own revenue department. I think your state’s taxing authority would agree that the retailer is obligated to refund the sales tax you paid. A phone call to them should assure you of this.

The retailer’s business manager or accountant knows this, too. Let them know your next step is to bring this matter to your state’s revenue department.

In WI there’s a Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. They, too, would be able to clarify who’s responsible for what. Your state may have something similar.

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