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Is Pocket Lint the Cause?

The “pocket lint” theory is BS.

How can you know that with such certainty after hearing only one side of the story and without ever seeing the car?

If you are in the habit of opening boxes by cutting the tape with your keys you stand a chance of introducing tape into the lock cylinder. Are we simply being asked if we think the pocket lint idea is possible? I would have to vote no, just something said to put you off.

Simply because there are not hundreds of thousands of “pocket lint” disasters concerning ignition switches out there. Do you also believe in little green men? Sometimes only one side of the story is enough. In this case…it’s more than enough.

As a former Service Director, I would have the lint evidence.Were you shown the lint that jammed the key cylinder?

My second question. Does anyone else use the vehicle{possibly without your knowledge}Do you have any children, or do any children have access to your vehicle?

It could have been a one time deal where something did get snagged on the key and inserted in the lock cylinder.

Find out how much the job pays the mechanic under warranty and how much you were charged in real time to do the job.If its a big difference in pay ,and no lint was presented as evidence, you need to get an appt. with the regional rep. for GM for arbitration.

Car thieves sometimes “drill out” ignition locks. But dealership mechanics and locksmiths NEVER resort to this method…

“Pocket lint” does not have the ability to suddenly jam a lock to the point the key will not turn…That’s BS…

It’s so simple really…“If you replace any parts, I would like to have the old parts returned to me…”