2009 Chevy Equinox - key gets stuck in AUX position

I have a 2009 Chevy Equinox with a little over 50,000 miles. About a year ago the key began sporadically getting stuck in the AUX position when I attempt to turn the engine off (no problems when starting engine). The dealer installed a new ignition cylinder (which cost me $1,000) but the problem continues. When the key sticks I re-start, re-shift and re-brake and I can remove the key and turn off the engine on the first or second try. The dealer suggested that I take my foot off the brake when I remove the key but I usually have to FLOOR the brake to remove the key. The frustrating thing is that I never know when the locking will happen. I can go days without a problem before it locks up on me again. Any suggestions?

I don’t know the exact components involved, but there’s an interlock system that makes sure you’re in Park before it lets the key turn to the off position. I’d look at that system next.

The next time this happens, can you try jiggling the shifter a bit to see if that makes a difference? If that doesn’t help, try shifting into Neutral and then back into Park (without starting the engine).

Some have found getting a new key (made directly from the VIN) solves this problem.

I’d start by making sure the brake/shifter/key interlock thing was working correctly first. I wasn’t aware the key is also involved with this, but I’ve experienced the problem where you can’t shift out of Park until you step on the brake. There’s a sensor someplace that senses when the brake pedal is stepped on, and that sensor may be on the fritz or no calibrated correctly.

Are the brakes working ok? Did this happen soon after work was done on the brakes?

One other idea. Replacing the ignition cylinder isn’t the same thing as replacing the ignition switch. It could be there’s something wrong with the switch itself, and if the above testing indicates the interlock signal from the switch is the problem, you might need to replace the entire ignition switch ass’y. Or an auto-electrical tech might could figure out how to spray it with contact cleaner, and that might free it up.