Is my1998 Maxima a GLE, GLX, or SE?


Ok, I know it’s not a GLE as my 1999 Maxima was a GLE and proudly stated GLE on the exterior. The Maxima I am questioning states NOWHERE, even on the title, which one it is. GLE/GXE/SE is stated on all paperwork that came with the car. I tried running the VIN and still no designation. How could I find out this information? The steering wheel has the perforated leather covering that is on the sporty steering wheel of an SE, but it does not have power seats or leather seats, which indicates to me that it may be a GLX. I have also read that the SE is 3 inches narrower than the other two types, giving it it’s sportier look, but don’t know if that is true or not.


-Nissan OEM rims… never comes with hubcabs
-spoiler wirth break light
-no interior breake light
-bose audio system
-stiffer suspension
-fog lights
-white gauge cluster
-analog or digital climate control
-small mud flaps or dirt guards… “most of them have that”
-no chrome out side like door handles or window trim
-i belive only SE and GLE have sunroofs
-leather and cloth combos
-power seats

-chrome door handles and window trim
-softer suspension
-OEM nissan audio system " casset and radio"
-no sunroof
-black gauge cluster
-no foglights
-no spoiler
-interior third brake light behind the rear window
-only cloth interior
-analog climate control
-no power seats
-basicly bottom of the line maxima

You can also call 1-800-NISSAN-1 with the complete VIN# and they will be able to tell you the trim level and all factory installed equipment.