Is my mechanic scamming me?

I took my 2001 Caviler to my mechanic because it was making a noise while driving and turning to the right. It was a howling noise coming from the drivers side when turning at about 30 mph; at this speed it was most noticeable. I was told it was the drivers side wheel bearing, and so I had it fixed. After picking it up, I noticed the sound did not go away, and I took it back. They inspected it and told me that the passenger wheel bearing needed to be changed too. They assured me that the one they already had replaced “came out in pieces.”

What seems odd to me is that it still happens when turning to the right and its coming from the drivers side. What do you guys think?

I can see where it’d be possible that the driver side bearing, which is closer to you, would drown out the sound of the passenger side bearing, but generally bearings get less noisy when you take weight off of them - when you turn right, if the passenger side bearing were bad, the noise should not increase.

It’s possible they installed a bad replacement bearing, but if the noise is coming from the driver’s side, then the problem (or at least a problem) is on the driver’s side.

For future reference you have the right to request the old parts from the mechanic. If he can’t produce the bearing that came out in pieces, then you know he didn’t replace it. If he can, then he probably did.