Is my 05 Yukon Possessed?

2 days ago my 05 Yukon XL panic alarm went off for no reason. Today, my interior lights won’t go off because it says the right rear door is ajar. I have reclosed it numerous times, all to no avail. Am I headed for a major repair?

I suspect the rear hatch switch is not working properly. That is, its telling the car that the hatch is open when it’s not. It might be loose or damaged. In any case it’s a minor repair to replace it.

The panic alarm went off? Was the panic button on your remote pressed by accident?
I’ve set mine off in my pocket a couple of times.

If there is a plunger type light switch in the door frame, move the boot aside and spray an electrical contact cleaner into the switch.

Work the switch a few times, put the boot back and try the closing the door again.

Hopefully the interior light(s) goes off.

on an off topic question:

have you found your windows open after getting rained on?

i am not suggesting, or implying neglect, but this sounds like a bad door switch. this usually happens when a door/window is left open.

check the door switch to see if the end is broken. this is what happend on my caravan, so that it ws not being depressed fully.

Well, the Napa Automotive folks chased the wiring for 2 days and came up with nothing. While it’s not doing it again, they think it might be the Body Control Module. They said everything was tight, connected and when the scanner is hooked up while driving it is showing that everything is working correctly.

Yes, probably more than once. But that has happened many months ago.

Did you inspect the BCM and fuses? It’s under the rear seat and might be worthwhile to at least remove the cover and inspect the module, wiring etc for loose or corroded connections.