Occassionaly the interior lights blink, even when the car isn’t on. The alarm has gone off twice as well. We’ve checked the remote, has anyone else had this problem?

Not after they took the alarm out…

Get ready for people to make fun of you. I wish I had an answer beyond “it sounds like a simple wiring problem” which no doubt you’ve already thought of.

The interior lights may be as simple as a flakey on/off switch. It’s a direct feed from the fusebox, so I doubt if it’s related to the alarm.

What year is the Jeep? Is tha alarm an aftermarket installation? If the Jeep is new and the alarm factory, perhaps something in your pocket is pressing the intruder-alert button. I actually had this problem with my own key FOB. My alarm would suddenly go off for no apparent reason. It took me a few weeks to figure out why.

If it’s an aftermarket installation and/or you’ve already discounted he possibility of the key FOB activating it, post back.

one of your door switches is bad. There is one in all four doors,the liftgate and also the liftgate glass if it has flip glass. also check your doors to see if the hinges are ok. There is a problem with the hinges rusting off of the fenders and causing the door fit to be off so much that this problem can occur. The car basically thinks that someone is opening the door when they aren’t.