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Is a scam?

I requested a quote for my 2004 corolla through what seemed like a local junkyard’s website. I got a call back from someone at where they asked me some questions and gave me a quote for something like $600. They asked me to take some pictures of the car and send it to them, whereupon they increased the quote to $839. Am I getting scammed? I can’t find any information about this particular company.

i only found this complaint on the bbb site:

01/06/2016Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details X Complaint I started talking to a representative from this company about selling my Jeep 2002 some time ago after filling out a request on their website. I did fill out the request form after reading their advertisement that they buy cars, pick up fast and pay cash. It is Christmas time and I was looking forward to get some cash for Christmas. We negotiated a price and finally were ready to get the transaction done. When the pick up company called, he was nice and explained everything and then said he will bring cash. That was not what we negotiated. Further I then was told my the representative from the company, that they only pay cash up to 100 $, which it does not say on the website. I am glad I did not say yes, because I would have ended up with a check which I might or might not be able to use. Fact is that it is false advertisement. The check could be bad, the check could be taking 7 days to be clear and they could cancel a check if they think it is right for them. Most important, they trick people into believing that they receive cash on the spot, but forget to mention that it is only up to a certain amount. Now we have no cash, no Christmas as planned and they made no effort to get it done. This company needs to be advised to change their advertising on the website so that everyone knows what they are really doing.

Desired Settlement
This company needs to finish what they started. Pick up the car, bring the cash.

Hmmmmm yet another new scam.
Sincere thanks for the “heads up”.

About like scanning the want ads for a person to person car purchase and the ads you’re reading have car dealer numbers on them.
Big companies have started using the ‘‘personal’’ appearance venues ot sneak in… as IF.

The BBB is a joke.

If Something Sounds Too Good To Be True…
… You Know The Rest… :wink:
There’s no end to scams, eh?

@bobanthony, low ball prices like that are clearly a scam unless your car is ready for the junk yard. Your 2004 Corolla should be worth a couple grand if it is in reasonably good shape.

The fact that these people would offer 6 to 800 bucks for a 2004 junk Corolla sight unseen that most yards would offer a 150 at most for would tell me they’re scamming.

They’re also rounding up personal info on the form which they will likely sell to whomever.

GIVE it to Car Talk . .and take a full value deduction.

Will Car talk use it or provide it to someone that will? Otherwise a full value deduction is not available.

In my neck of the woods, the junkyards will offer FAR more than $150 for a 2004 Corolla

I have no idea what condition OP’s car is in . . . but I can guarantee with 100% certain any junkyard in my area will offer far more

In fact, they’d offer more for many cars even older than that

BTW . . . my brother DID give a car to CarTalk, and was able to claim a modest write-off. The car was running, but he wanted the write-off and didn’t want to deal with craigslist, junkyards, etc.

definitely get 3 options ie offerss, I know nothing about them, but …
It won’t hurt

My colleague got $400 for a beat up car with all bad syncros, car looked like hell inside and out, well over 400K miles showing on the odometer. The car was well over 20 years old

I took my Grand Cherokee to a similar place that claims to buy any car (don’t want to mention the name 'cause I know we’re not suppose to shill for anyone and besides they lowballed me). They really went over it, measured the tread depth on the tires, went over the whole Jeep with some kind of high tech magnet-type device designed to detect bondo, test drove it, tried all the buttons, knobs. . . and offered me $300. I was like, what the heck?! The local junkyard offers $400 for any complete car with a clean title. . . which I’ve since found out they aren’t currently doing because scrap metal prices are down. . .

The only thing I will say is the guy was extraordinarily polite and professional. Now he calls me back once a week to ask me if I’m still selling my Jeep. Yeah, but not for a penny less than $500. Ok, alright, holler at me again next week, it’ll still be $500. I’m not pressed over that little bit of money.