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Stupid craigslist car for sale

Hey guys, I was perusing craigslist, looking for another used car for my mom, and I saw something rather interesting

A car was listed on February 27th, and the guy was asking $10400. Now it’s listed again, on February 29th, and the guy is asking $10900


I have no intention of looking at that particular car, but if I was, I would make sure to ask the guy “So why are you suddenly asking for more money? After all, most people drop the price when the car won’t sell quickly . . .”

The guy probably stopped at the tavern with his buddies when he got his pay check. Now he can’t recall what happened to $500.

I sold a beater to a guy once, took a $50 deposit. The guy was supposed to pick it up Saturday after he got paid on Friday. That’s what happened to his money. The deal fell through.

@“common sense answer”

That guy you mentioned sounds like somebody who shouldn’t be allowed to handle money, because he can’t hold on to it

I’ve worked with a lot of guys like that over the years

Well, at least you got $50 for your troubles :smirk:

He probably posted the first price without first clearing it with his wife. It might even be her car! :smiley:

About half a dozen years ago some guy in this area was listing a Lincoln on Craigslist. He had it on the Wichita, Tulsa, and OK City CL sites with widely differing prices on all 3.
It was claimed the car was in all 3 cities.

Since the cheapest price was in Wichita I emailed him and asked about coming to look at the car the next evening and that I would bring cash. He mailed me back that the car was actually in Tulsa.
Since I live in the middle of this triangle I said no problem; Tulsa is fine also. He then disappeared along with the ads.

Maybe the seller got so much interest in the way of phone calls, emails, texts, etc, he decided he wasn’t asking quite enough for it. I notice that at local flea markets too, one month the vendor has great prices and will have his tent practically torn down by people rummaging for bargains, so they raise the prices for the next month.

This guy is an idiot

Raising the price is a good way of actually driving off potential buyers of this car

I’m not going to call this doofus, if there’s plenty of the same car for sale, where the guy doesn’t raise the price after NOT selling the car

If he had half a brain, he would have deleted the earlier ad, showing the same car for $500 less

Things like that should raise a big red flag with any person of average intelligence

All the other guys lower their prices, if the car hasn’t sold

Maybe this guy’s “not playing with a full deck” :wink:

Craigslist is the last place in the universe that I would shop for a car. Ebay is next to last. I have found that craigslist sellers are are a weird bunch and the buyers can be as well. I put a large AC unit on craigslist for my uncle and one nut ask me to leave the AC at the curb late at night so he could pick it up. He claimed that he worked until 3AM and would stop and pick it up and leave cash at my door. I gave him an address about 30 miles out of town. It was abandoned property and I left the AC box full of dead leaves in the yard. I checked the next morning and the box was gone but no money at the door. I guess I must be psychic or something.


The car probably broke and he had to spend $500 to fix it. That means its worth $500 MORE, right? right?

It always amazes what and how people post on Craigslist. It can be very entertaining to read!

I wouldn’t necessarily bash all Craigslist sellers because of the actions of a minority; arguably a larger minority than might be expected elsewhere… :smile:

I’ve purchased several excellent cars off of CL and the sellers were upfront and honest.
However, I do agree that CL can bring out the worst in bottom feeders; both sellers and buyers.

Not many years ago I was perusing the CL ads for the OKC area and saw a clean 60 Watt Peavey bass guitar amp for a very nice price. The ad was lengthy and I was prepared to jump all over it that day even though I didn’t really need it.
The last line in the ad brought me to a screeching halt; “I’m pretty sure this amp is stolen”.
At least he was forthright.

A few years ago some weasel in Denver, CO was selling Chinese knockoff Gibson Les Paul Guitars (referred to as Chibsons…) as the real deal. I think a fair number of people got hosed for a lot of money before the heat ratcheted up and the seller disappeared.

If anyone wants a few laughs go to “Don’”; a.k.a “emailsfromanaxxhxxx”… The guy tweaks CL sellers unmercifully. The fish tank and Shaniqua Chronicles are a couple of my favorite and yes there are car related ones in there also. Shaniqua is a 3 parter Ford Explorer debacle that does illustrate the wants something for little mindset.

Something similar on my current house. It was on the market for about 7 months at a price. Then it went off market for about a month and then reappeared at a price $60k higher. By then I was looking around. Perhaps they didn’t realize that Z!llow can show you the pricing history. When I offered the original price they seemed insulted and asked why I thought it could be so low.

Me: You were willing to sell for that amount less than 2 months ago!
Them: The market has gone up.
Me: I’m a buyer at the old price. You willing to wait another 7 months to find out if you’re right?

Turns out they weren’t… :wink:

As with any public sales outlet, you have to be careful. CL offers cautions about selling and buying, and they are anyone listing or buying should read them.

Craigslist is how I found the two cars my parents recently purchased. They weren’t sure about it at first but I told them that all the meet ups we would do would be at the police department or in a target shopping center (believe craigslist themselves say it’s advisable to meet in a public setting) where there would be people around so we couldn’t get scammed or worse robbed of our money… To make it short they ended up getting both cars for a good price and the owners were wonderful people! Just have to be careful and meet in a public setting when you go and view the item in question.

One last thing… After searching I learned to stay away from posts with only email as the way to contact the person. You either never hear from them or you get this long sob story that just has scam written all over it. Especially on deals that are too good to be true.

The last car I bought . . . on craigslist, actually . . . the buyer arranged to meet us in a shopping mall’s outside parking lot

I have sold a few cars on CL. It is free, I disclose everything and I get to know my buyer too. Thankfully, so far no negative experience, but gotta say, if a potential buyer sounds suspect, I give them the runaround and refuse to meet.

Another Satisfied Craig’s List Car Purchaser.
I saw an ad on Craig’s List for a Pontiac Grand Prix (The one in the little picture at left.)

I wasn’t really looking for a car, but it sounded too good to be true, excellent condition, southern car, new tires, rust-free, low miles, silver, alloys, dark tint windows, nicely equipped, spare tire/jack never out of trunk, Owner’s Manual, wholesale priced, quick sale-need money, etcetera.

I checked the car over at length and checked for flood evidence, etcetera.

Because the car was local I decided to call the local number and go and see why the ad was stupid, not intending to buy it. The guy turned out to be kind of a jerk, but his story for selling seemed real and he got in big fight with his girlfriend for selling that car and not a different one they had. She loved that car. It was almost a knock-down drag out and I was hoping there were no fire-arms in the house.

However, the car was fantastic. I couldn’t not buy it. I checked with my DMV about the out of state title and to be sure the car wasn’t hot. I had no problems transferring the clean title, etcetera.

The car turned out to be fantastic. Everything works. It needs nothing, uses no fluids, and drives like new. This car is clean under the hood and everywhere. There is not even any corrosion beginning on nuts or bolts in the engine compartment that shows on cars here in the rust belt in just a year or two.

I did buy it a new battery to replace the original Delco. It deserved something nice.

I just saw another stupid craigslist ad

First the guy wants $1800 for a Ranger, which supposedly “only” needs a timing chain

A few days later, he lists it for $1500 and says the engine is “good”

okay . . . so in the span of a few days, the engine fixed itself :trollface:

Do these yahoos not realize that people are still able to see the older posting?

All these Yahoos need is for one person to respond that has not seen the other listings.
I wonder if anyone fell for the late model Cadillac Escalade for $1500.00 I saw last week.