Mileage or age

Our son wants to give my husband his 2007 4runner. It has 100,000 miles on it. Should we buy an older car with less mileage or take the newer
car with higher mileage?

The 4Runner is one of Toyota’s better products. If properly maintained they will last another 200,000 miles. If not, there might be some expensive repairs in the 4WD system coming up.

If your son can demonstrate he did all the required maintenance, go for it. This vehicle has displaced just about all others in the Australian Outback because of its toughness.

You will likely not know nearly as much about an older car with less mileage.

Good luck!

Go for it. The 'Runner is a great vehicle. my '04 has 150K on it now, and it’s still going very strong.

Which engine does it have? They came with the V6 and V8.

The 6 is a great motor. The only (known) problem it has is a small oil leak at the bottom of the left head (as viewed from the front bumper). If you don’t have this problem now, you never will - it normally started before 15Kmiles.

Let's see.  You son wants to GIVE your husband a car, that I will guess runs now and is not showing any current problems and you want to know if this free car is better or not as good as buying a car?  

Frankly I don't see any reason to consider not accepting the car.

100,000 miles in a 1960 car was outstanding.  Today, 100,000 is noting.  

My advice is to take your son's offer.

It’s really a no-brainer here. Take the 4Runner.

We have a 2003 4Runner with the V-6 which I believe is the same generation as the 2007. These vehicles are great. I’ve kept it serviced by the recommendations in the owner’s manual and we haven’t had that first problem.

Huh? Give vs Buy…I have an 04 4runner which has been great…but let’s be realistic. That doesn’t matter. A free car is always better then one you have to buy…Thank your very generous son, take it and run !
If gas goes to $24 a gallon, consider trading it for a compact…your son will understand.

It’s free, has comparatively low miles actually, and this is a slam dunk. Take the vehicle.

The 4 Runner is a great vehicle. 100K miles isn’t that many for a 4 Runner. The only reasons to not take it as a gift would be it simply is a bad “fit” for the driver, ie. the climb up to get into it is too much for an older person. Or, the mpg gallon is too low - the mpg for this truck will be in the mid teens and it can get expensive to keep filling it with gas.

A 4 Runner is generally a very reliable, relatively low repairs needed, vehicle. Buying an older car even with lower mileage will likely result in higher and more frequent repair bills.

the 07 is the 4th generation 4runner. Very very reliable vehicle…

100k miles is NOTHING if it’s been maintained. I’m approaching 200k miles on my 05…and only had one problem with the front calipers.

Mike…You’re lucky the mice haven’t found you. My 04’s only repair bill was to fix the overhead wiring to the rear electrics the mice had chewed on. 4Runners have terrible mouse intrusion control. They aren’t perfect.

dagosa…I have 3 cats…The LOVE mice.

Unfortunately, no one has had a cat survive out of doors in our area. Fisher cats, hawks and eagles see to that. Small dogs are in danger as well. Even compact cars…4runners are the smallest that we dare drive.

Coyotes are also known to eat cats and small dogs. When outdoor cats disappear in large numbers, Coyotes are often the culprits.

Actually my cats don’t go out…but they do have access to the garage. And I had a mice problem before I put a pet door so my cats could go to the garage. No more mice problem. The mice never attacked our vehicles…but they did build a nest in the bottom drawer of my toolbox…it was right after that I installed the pet door.