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Is it safe to replace a quick disconnect fuel hose for a 'rubber' hose w/ hose clamps?

Two quick disconnect fuel hoses under my 94 Grand Cherokee (v6) rusted out and started leaking.

I replaced them with fuel injection rated hoses, secured by fuel injection hose clamps.

I wanted to get your guys opinion on this safety wise. Btw, the original quick disconnects were too rusty and I had to cut them away with a tubing cutter (meaning that I couldn’t save the quick disconnect flare)

Here is a basic diagram of the line under the jeep so you can get an idea of where this is located on the vehicle.

I’m also thinking of re-doing this job as I’d like to slip the hoses down even further on the line as well as create a small, basic flare at the end of the line to further prevent any slippage.

At the minimum I think you’ve got to re-jig this setup to introduce some way to prevent the rubber hose from slipping off the metal line. Like you say, some sort of flare in the metal line. I expect you already know that the proper way to do this is purchasing new hose assemblies. If it were mine that’s what I’d do. Gasoline spills aren’t something to treat lightly. IMO what you are attempting to do isn’t worth the risk.


I’d NASCAR clamp the hose.

Two hose clamps at the connections.


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Real good info so far.

To re-jig the line for quick disconnects I’d need one of those hydraulic flaring tools that cost $200-$400. To avoid that purchase, I’ve also heard of people buying these quick disconnect lines, cutting it in half, and somehow attaching it to the existing line. (I’m guessing with some kind of double flare union. That way you’d be able to use quick disconnects again. Any thoughts on that?

Right now I’m thinking it would be really solid if I managed flare the fuel line real nice, get the hose on at least 4 inches, and then followed @Tester’s advice of “NASCAR clamping” the hose - one clamp at the end of the hose, one right before the flare.

I did this on a rusted car, but I made sure the fuel injection rated fuel line was rated for a lot more pressure than my pump put out and I used fuel injection rated worm drive fuel clamps and doubled them at each end. Worked fine for the 3 years before the car broke in half due to rust.

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