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Is it possible to hotwire a 2008 buic enclave?

Can you hotwire a 2008 buic enclave? Asking because we’re having a debation. I told them I dont believe new cars can be hotwired.

I can’t, can you? I doubt that you have a way to defeat the immobilizer system. There is a transponder in the key that sends a signal to the receiver to authorize the PCM to allow the engine to start and operate.

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Not in the traditional sense. But if you had had a transponder with the correct coded signal you could probably spoof the receiver, then it would just be a matter of getting the tumbler to move. I know a guy who had an Expedition, but only one coded key and was too cheap to have additional keys programmed . So he took the existing key, taped it to the steering column, and had non-programmable blank keys cut. He gave one to his wife and one to his kid, and kept one for himself. They all started the car because the coded key was close enough to the transponder for it get a signal. I didn’t think it was a good idea, but it worked surprisingly.

Most stolen cars, you decide