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1991 s10

hey i have a problem i lost my keys to my 1991 s10 i have the title to this truck for your information im going to take it to the crusher if this dont work but how can i hotwire this truck? you may not believe me but this is legit

There’s not much reason to hotwire it. If your goal is to junk it, hammer a screwdriver into the ignition, and turn it so it unlocks. That’s going to be the biggest problem - unlocking the steering wheel. Most thieves already know this, anyway.

If you want to keep it, get the VIN and head to a dealer. They should be able to cut you a key. Failing that, most locksmiths can unlock it, and make a key. Not sure how much either of these options cost, though. Pretty sure they didn’t heave security chips in the keys in 87, so once you can turn the ignition, anything will start it.

i don’t believe you, but that doesn’t matter if you can’t replace the key replace the lock

The lock cylinder can be replaced easily and quickly and fairly cheaply if you wish to keep the truck. If not just break out the cylinder as mentioned above. A body shop slide hammer can get it out in about 20 seconds.

well for 1 im not a thief im a 17 year old that trying to decide on to fix it or crush it. for those of u who dont believe me

If you want to see if you can start it and you don’t want to do damage, unbolt the ignition switch. It will be on the topside of the column about halfway down below the dash. There’s a rod that moves inside a slot on the switch. Once you have the switch removed you can use a small screwdriver to start it. Of course this doesn’t unlock the steering.