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Need help with my van

I have a 2000 Ford Windstar that i recently changed the ignition lock cylinder in it came with transponder keys but i cant get them programmed i called a locksmith and tried every trick on the internet but nothing worked the locksmith said that his computer did not work on the relay so i i bought a ignition lock cylinder that came with keys with out the transponder chip and still nothing happened there is a little black box under the steering column that has wires that was either cut or pulled out from some place that i dont know im at the end of my rope so any advice would help

We had an 03, there was info in the manual how to program up to 8 keys, but one needed 2 good keys to do it. As far as the black box with cut wires or pulled wires I have no idea. Time for a tow to the dealership I guess.

That might be the remnants of the dealership’s lot security system they installed when your van was being sold as a new vehicle. To prevent a thief from jumping the fence and driving a new car away.
When it was purchased they removed it from the vehicle. I found a similar “box” and associated wiring modifications on my Corolla when I purchased it new.

A 20 year old van was likely sold by a used lot or two a few times. Some of those lots use disablers to prevent the car starting in case someone misses a payment. They shut it down remotely from the PC in the office. This is usually done by tote the note lots. Maybe that’s why things have been hacked up a bit; someone in the past yanked them out after having it disabled.

How long have you owned this van?
Is it turning over and not starting or doing nothing at all? This may be tough to help you with cohsidering the cut and pulled wires.

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Had it for a year got it from a salvage yard that sales cars

When replacing ignition lock cylinders I key the new cylinder to the original key, that way the keys match the doors and there is no problem with the immobilizer system.

For now hold the original key head against the new key head while starting and see if the engine will start.

Ill try that

How do you key the new key to the original

You disassemble the lock cylinder and reposition or replace the tumblers to match the key that is to be used. You may not be able to do this yourself but a lock shop should be able to do this.

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See those rectangle looking things below? Those are the tumblers. Notice they have slightly different dimensions? 4 or 5 of them are selected to fit in the slots of cylinder above, and they must have the correct dimensions & order to match the key’s profile. This isn’t a job to do yourself, too complicated and time consuming, unless you are just curious how it works.