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Is it a 2006 Yukon XL SLT or a Suburban LTZ?

I am buying a car in Jordan. The car has 17kms on it, fully loaded in beautify condition, 3yrs/36,000 coverage. Problem is the VIN search comes back as a Yukon and not a Suburban. All external marking say Suburban.

What could this mean?

It could mean the vehicle is a Yukon and not a Suburban. External badges can be replaced. I doubt there’s much difference between the two, but I’d want to know more about this if I were thinking of buying the vehicle.

What does the seller say?

Are Chevrolet fenders, trim, tail lights, etc. more readily available in Jordan than GMC parts are?

If the car was in an accident, it is very possible that the body shop used parts that were more readily available in that part of the world, namely Chevy parts. Since these two vehicles are mechanically identical, it certainly would be easy to rebuild a Yukon with Suburban body parts, and vice-versa.

I would suspect major body damage from an accident as the cause of this vehicular identity crisis, so I strongly suggest that you have this car put up on a lift to determine if it has suffered collision damage.

Car names are often changed for sale in other countries. It is what it is. Playoffs! Don’t talk about playoffs!

2 or 3 years ago GM called their Yukon XL a GMC and the Suburban a Chevrolet. (Or the other way around). Only the names and badges were different.

Isn’t that essentially what I stated about a month ago?

However, there were some trim differences (bumpers, grill, tail lights, etc.) between these mechanically identical vehicles, in addition to the name plates and the badges. How else could GM convince people that these were different vehicles, when in fact they were exactly the same “under the skin”?