2002 GMC Yukon SLT

So as i posted before my moms car was totaled in a accident. It’s very hard to be without a car. I was looking online for one we can afford and found a 2002 GMC Yukon SLT but it has 218,380 miles they want a little over 5000. i can’t afford that much but i’m thinking they might cut it down some. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?

The engine should be good for 300k IF it was well maintained. The transmission likely will not go that far. The transfer case, if selectable AWD and 4wd, the same. If the brake lines or fuel lines look very rusty, and the truck lives in the snow belt, if they have not been replaced, they will need to be.

As for the price, if it isn’t a smoking rustbucket, it is a fair price.

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I’ll second that. If you live anywhere there is winter and salt on the roads, you need to pay special attention to the frame where the rear suspension attaches. I have seen many really nice looking trucks like this that were unsafe due to frame rot in this area.

I’m a fan of the Trailblazer but they also have a common issue with the attachment point of the rear upper control arm. The “cup” on the frame is lacking any drainage and you’ll find piles of dirt and rust in them that spreads readily to the frame and rots it out. It’s initially somewhat hidden by the bushing end of the arm but if you know where to look, it becomes more obvious.

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Thanks everyone who told me to pass on this old jag, the seller dropped the price and is now calling it a mechanic special aka a piece of junk.