Is a cow more aerodynamic than a Jeep Wrangler?



You mean whether a cow is more aerodynamic than a Jeep Wrangler?


Yeah the 57 Ford was my favorite, followed by the 59 Chevy and Olds. I didn’t like the 58 Fords when they came out but now that I look at them in 2018, I kinda like them.



Does this count as an aerodynamic enhancement mod?



I love those Hawks, too.

Aerodynamics help the cow remain standing in a stiff wind. That assumes they have the sense to face into or away from the wind, and maybe they do. A friends wife grew up visiting her grandfathers farm. One of his cows was her “pet”. Whenever she visited she ran out back, called the cow, and it came running to her.


Um, that’s not a cow though, that’s a bull trying to get warm from the engine. My thought was what will the Beamer owner do? Call the police? Try and coax it off the car himself? Go get some treats? It’s the kind of call every officer of the law would dread. “Sir, there is a bull on my car, no bull.”


I think the cow on the hood was photoshopped, the car wouldn’t support the weight of the beast that well and its limbs would be sliding off the edge of the hood.


But it does improve the beemer




Cows almost always try to face into the wind. When you see a pasture with cows free to range they almost all face the same way, into the wind.

That said, my nominee for a truly ugly, not aerodynamic, not good quality, no real redeeming virtues I can think of, was a 1961 Plymouth. Most cows are far better looking.



If I purchased a 1957 Ford I would prefer a 200 2 door sedan. I never liked the fins on the 1957 Fairlane. The second car I purchased at the age of 16 was a 1957 Chevy. I liked the fins on it. I agree that 1958 was the styling death of Chevrolet, Ford, and Chrysler with quad headlights, and fins. I have owned and enjoyed several cars with quad headlights from the 1960s and later but don’t understand why it happened. Actually I do understand. If one manufacturer went quad headlights the others had to follow or risk losing sales. The 1958 Ford Galaxy and Lincoln were hideous!


@sgtrock21 There were actually two different 1957 Fords on two different wheelbases. There was the Custom and Custom 300 on the shorter wheelbase and the Fairlane and Fairlane 500 on the longer wheelbase. All the station wagons were on the shorter wheelbase. I don’t think body parts were interchangeable from the cowl on back. All engine options were available on all models. As I recall, Consumer Reports thought the Custom series had more interior room even though it was on a shorter wheelbase, and also handled better than the Fairlane models.


Sure looks like an udder to me. Horns are no indication of gender but an udder is definitive…


Well I’m a city kid so what do I know about cows with horns and udders? At least I know where milk really comes from.

That 61 Plymouth reminds me of “Car 54 Where are You”. I believe those were the cars they drove. Yeah never liked them. I always suspected the designer had a fight with his wife that day.

We had a 57 Ford Fairlane 500 and I really liked that car. I had been trying to get my folks to buy a second car and I came home after dark one night and my mom said to go look at the old car in the garage. I got really excited and took a flashlight out to the garage to look. What I found was my favorite Ford with the left quarter panel, door, and tail light completely scrambled. My dad had a little encounter on his way to work.

Edit: Car 57? Where did that come from? I must have been asleep. It was Car 54.


I was raised in the country, around cattle, and I’ll vouch for the fact that they can run faster than most people think they can, especially the calves. Yes they do have to flee from predators, a newborn calf is small enough to be killed by coyotes or stray dogs. There’s a reason ranchers shoot both coyotes and stray dogs.
The Jeep vehicles were designed to look like an off road vehicle developed for the military, they were never intended to have high top speeds and at off road speeds, air resistance is very low regardless of the lack of streamlining.


Yes. Thank you. 1957 Ford Custom 300 2 door sedan “post” verses 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 2 door hard top. The 1957 Fairlane is a beautiful car. I just prefer the more subtle styling of the Custom 300s.


@sgtrock21. I agree with you. The Custom also was used in stock car racing. I did not like either the 1958 Custom series or the Fairlane series. Ford spoiled a good design IMHO. However, I thought the 1959 Ford was the best looking Ford of that decade and, with the Studebaker Hawk, the best looking cars U.S. manufacturers in 1959. The 1959 Fords were all on the longer wheelbase.


Yeah I liked the 59 Fords too, but really liked the 61. We were all set to buy a 59 Ford wagon (blue) from a dealer the next town over. When we got there though, the guy evidently had raised the price $100 so the deal was off. We ended up instead with a blue 58 Chevy wagon with a few miles on it. My mom liked blue so I think the color was all that mattered. Of course at ten years old, I was never consulted until the thing showed up in the driveway.


Actually, the “modern day cow” was designed by man using established breeding practices. There’s no udder way of looking at it.


I’ll note that my jeep can outrun a bull, or a cow. Though I’m not aerodynamic enough to outrun any of the three.


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