Is a cow more aerodynamic than a Jeep Wrangler?



I saw this on Facebook and thought it might interest this group.


A cow is probably more aerodynamic that a lot of vehicles.


The cow was designed by the Almighty. Jeep Wranglers, like camels, were designed by committees.
I remember well the clean look of the 1957 Ford. It came out about the time I got my driver’s license. A committee then took the design for the 1958 Ford, added a non functional hood scoop, dual headlights and tailights, inverted the side trim and came out with the ugliest car imaginable only to be surpassed in ugliness years later by the Pontiax Aztec.
The original Jeeps appealed to me–form was dictated by function. Of course, the original Jeep didn’t go fast enough to worry about wind resistance, but, come to think about it, neither does a cow.


I think the bullet nose Studebakers were much uglier than the late 1950s Fords. I prefer the 1950 Fairlane to the 1957, if that is the Ford you referred to. That’s a good thing. There is an admirer for almost every car, even those bullet nose abominations.


That would make sense if the animal in question was a gazelle, but a cow has no reason… or ability… to go fast. There would be no reason for mother nature to make a cow aerodynamic.

The Jeep, on the other hand, ultimately has to make a not-too-negative contribution to the manufacturers Corporate Average Fuel Economy equation… and it has to go fast. Really fast. Faster than a cow. :smile:


@the_same_mountainbike. I agree. There is udderly no reason why a cow should be aerodynamic.


LOL, good one. Thanks. :joy:


A cow does not need to be aerodynamic, so I dismiss the designed by the almighty (almighty what?). a cow is not as wide as a car, a pogo stick is more aerodynamic than a car, as is a bicycle or tricycle, probably hippopotamus and maybe even an elephant.


The almighty human, through thousands of years of selective breeding?


Says someone who has never been chased by a bull.


Do you know of a breed of bull that goes fast enough to make aerodynamics an issue in evolution? I don’t.
Do you know of any herd of bulls that has to routinely run to escape predators? Me neither.
Do you know of any bull period who individually has to run from predators? Nope, I don’t either.
Or to capture its food? No again. Grass don’t run.
Do you know of any bull anywhere that runs from anything at all? I don’t. They don’t even run from bullfighters.

Well, than, I guess the fact that I can’t run faster than a bull means absolutely nothing in the evolution of the bulls’ aerodynamics… or lack thereof. Heck, I can’t even run faster than the average five year old human! :grin:

Gazelles, however, well, they really benefit from speed. The ones at the head of the running pack aren’t the ones that get caught. So the fast ones pass their speed genes on to their prodigy. And they can run in bursts as high as 60mph and sustained speeds of 40mph… and they do so to escape prey… leaving the slower gazelles to become lunch. At those speeds, aerodynamics become important to survival.

Besides, how would you know if I’ve ever been chased by a bull?


If you’ve never been chased by a bull, where is all this bull coming from? :wink:

They are territorial, and they’ll chase you out of a pasture pretty fast if they don’t know you. They move pretty darn fast in bullfighting and rodeos too.


Can you outrun a cow?


There’s no bull coming from me, so I wouldn’t know. :smirk:


You know the nick name for those 50 Fords is “The Shoebox”. I personally loved the 50-51 Studies, not quite as much as the 53-55 sport coupes or any of the Hawk, with the exception of the Packard Hawk.


Bulls can run pretty fast though if they are irritated. Don’t count on outrunning one. I went to see my son on his first day shadowing in a clinic, and he and the country doc were hard at work trying to put a guy’s shoulder back again that a bull had taken out.

After a rough night, you guys are always good for a laugh. As far as the almighty goes, I was listening to a youtube last night where the pilot had collapsed and the passenger had taken over trying to fly and land the plane. The tower asked if he was flying the plane or not and he said yup, me and the good Lord are flying this thing. He made it and the pilot lived.


Sage advice. I’ll keep it in mind. :grin:


Cow arodynamic? Didn’t the movie ‘Twister’ show that? Back to auto styling.
Everyone has their own taste. Bullet nose Studebakers, especially 51 Commanders & Land Cruisers with the V8 are highly prized.
And tastes change/evolve, in 67 I saw my first Packard Hawk, my thought, OMG that’s ugly.
Now I covet a P-Hawk.


Ain’t that the truth!
Looking at the 2018 offerings, I hope they change soon. There’s a whole lot of ugly out there! Whatever happened to nice, clean curves?


I’m afraid this topic may be mooo-ving from it’s original intended message.