Comparing crash tests

… of the new Ford Bronco and the Jeep Wrangler.
Now I more fully understand what Jeep is talking about when they refer to “off-roading”. :grimacing:

Interesting. Ford’s crush zones rolled the car under and the Jeep over. Ford had a better idea… a much better idea.

If the crash was into a car, rather than a barrier, it would seem the Bronco would crush the lower zone more easily and still resist rollover while the Jeep would tumble.

Maybe I just don’t understand the “Jeep Thing” :roll_eyes:


… and that makes two of us.



Don’t worry I am sure the SNOWMAN will be along shortly to explain it.


I visited to see the ratings. Both get the highest rating for offset collision (good). The Bronco got a marginal rating for lower leg/foot on the drivers side, all others were good both sides. The Wrangler ratings were all good. It seems like the video above shows the IIHS moderate overlap tests and they are about comparable with the Bronco showing a higher propensity for injuring the driver’s foot. We can’t tell that from the above videos though. Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes! :wink:

Make that three!

On the one that rolled over, the wheel stayed vertical and stayed pointing the same direction and it rolled under the body as it was pushed back causing the roll over. The Jeep probably has stronger front end steering parts which kept the wheel in place as it got pushed back. Imagine driving at 30 MPH with frozen suspension and driving over a 1 foot tall ramp with just one front wheel! That alone might flip you over!

It’s quite common with taller vehicles with large wheels. On Internet fail videos you’ll often see one of those cross over SUVs with the big wheel rims sort of side swipe rear end a parked car at fairly low speed and the wheel of the SUV will roll up on top of the back wheel of the parked car and the SUV will flip over.