Is 2014 Toyota Prius too new for used parts?

I need some body parts to repair a front fender bender but can’t get parts from anywhere except dealership which are very expensive. This is for the base model. Radiator core support, headlights, bumper cover. Isn’t there any wrecked one for parts anywhere?

Try a wrecking yard with a national locator system.
Around here I call LKQ ( Albuquerque / Phoenix ) and they source it from anywhere.

The biggest percentage of wrecked cars are crunched in the front , those will naturally be the hardest to find.

Why would you fix a 2014 car with salvage parts?

Ken, you are right. Just checking for a chance with one wrecked behind.

Pretty sure the 2014 is still the same basic design as the last few years, the wrecking yards will know.

If financed, better check with the finance agency first. They may not like having used parts put on while they still have an interest in the car. If its on your own dime, fine.

The third generation Prius started in 2010. Parts should be very similar if not identical for the 5 model years since 2010.

On my dime. It looks like another new generation started with 2014 as 2013 parts and earlier don’t fit 2014 which is why it’s difficult to find.

All specifications for the 2014 are identical to the 2013. Who told you they don’t fit?

MSN Autos says the 2014 is the same generation as the 2011.

There should be some parts that duplicate older models. It’s just a matter of having a parts man in a salvage yard with and up to date manual.

No insurance coverage on a 2014 model?

A car being from the same generation does not mean that parts are interchangeable though. Take my Lincoln Mark for instance; a vehicle built for only 6 years. A 95 and 97 model are made on the same platform and appear similar but fenders, hood, headlamps, taillamps instruments, trunk lid, intake, etc, etc, etc, etc are all different.

Same generations are fewer than between generations. There is a better chance that 2011/2013 parts fit than 2008 parts. And of course the buyer should verify that the parts are interchangeable.

True, but they look a bit different ('93 vs. '97):

As far as I can tell, there wasn’t any change for the 2014. But who knows? Maybe something under the skin for crash protection, say.

True enough; there’s differences inside and on the rear also. They’re still the only generation of the car made.
Much like a 95 Camaro is the same generation as a 98 even though there are many differences; or an 81 Mustang is different from a 91 although the generation is the same.

I’m still wondering how a 2014 car is not insured unless it was bought outright. Around here anyway, if full coverage is dropped or cancelled for whatever reason the ins. company notifies the lien holder who would then drop the hammer in some way.

Unfortunately, stylists can’t resist changing the headlight shape and configuration every year…On this model car, if you change the headlights, you also must change the bumper cover and fender so the new headlight shape will fit properly…If you look closely at pictures of 2013 and 2014 models, the headlights seem to be a little different…

Nope, identical part number on Rockauto for the headlight assembly.

As Okay pointed out, an uninsured 2014 Prius? There is more to this story…

maybe they just paid cash.