My 09 ford fusion has front end damage I was in a wreck, what parts do I need? Can I take parts form other cars like mines to put on there? Or do I have to buy brand new parts? I was thinking it's not bad as I thought,

[ I was thinking it’s not bad as I thought,]

I’m thinking it’s worse than you thought,

But to answer your question, yes you can use used parts.


bumper and bumper skin

presumably the left head lamp, possibly the right head lamp, depends on if the mounting points are broken


presumably the left fender . . . I enlarged the image, and the right fender looks like it might be okay

grille might be okay, hard to say

I have no idea about the radiator, condenser, fans and core support . . . you should post some more pictures when/if you get the hood open

Sounds like you’re planning on hanging these parts all by yourself . . . ?

Is this being reported to insurance . . . ?

Not only can you buy used parts, you should, since the primary goal is to get the car functional again, and as cheaply as possible, correct?

If you’re very lucky, you can hang all these parts without having to do any straightening, pulling, etc.

you might be able to “fix” things like a bent core support with a slide hammer set or maybe a port-a-power kit


ok yes the goal is to get it running as fast as possible, for cheap

You might actually be able to halfway pull that left fender back into shape with a slide hammer under the lip, or maybe a rubber tipped dead blow hammer

The left headlamp doesn’t look that bad, but you need to check those attachment points, as mentioned earlier

I will open my hood tommorow & see what I need, my UNC said my car leak out all the antifreeze, I don’t, I report it to my insurance I only have liability

You might want to think about buying another car for parts,With all the big and small parts you need, you can easily hit a couple thousand in parts, plus the time to find them.

autotrader shows 20+ 09 Fusions for less than $4000, 6 of them less than $3000, in my area.

You don’t care if it runs or drives, as long as the front end is good shape.

You might even find a local non runner for less than $2000.

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Did you hit someone? I think the bumper insert is crushed. Probably support core is damaged. Bet your ac coil is damaged. If coolant leaked out your radiator is broke. Easy total in a real world. Can you make it driveable? I say not easy

Why not eazy

life is hard. and not cheap.
you can make it look ok for a small amount. fixing the hidden stuff is hard.

You are probably looking at $5000 to $6000 damage.I doubt anyone without experience in collision repair can takle this job.Don’t forget that the paint job alone can cost around $2500.

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Who offers free insurance for low income? I sure could have used it when I first left the military and working for minimum wage at WallyWorld.

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i think he wants to make it pretty and flip it. lipstick on a pig. its a fusion. the trans will die next. or is it the motor? maybe both

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Front end damage on a front-wheel drive car. Could be really bad with stuff you can’t see. Start taking it apart and making a list of all the things that are broken. Call around the wrecking yards to see if you can find a Fusion hit from the rear and totaled. Take your list to a wrecking yard to see if you can work a deal for all the parts you need. Don’t worry about paint or even the correct color, you just want this car running again. If the cost is higher than the value of car minus $500 scrap value, sell your car to them for scrap.


I have a feeling Toney just wants the car running again, even if the hood were a different color

I sense Toney may not have the money for a “proper repair” . . . let alone another car

No offense, Toney

No offense, taken I don’t really,but am now out of school, now & this just happened to me like 2 weeks ago, so now I have the ability to work now