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Is 165K miles a lot for a '07 Chevy Impala LT?

I’m a college student and buying my first car.

Ask a mechanic, who can see the car.


It’s slightly high mileage compared to several on the market around here with roughly 50,000 fewer miles on them.

Of course i found a listing for one locally with almost 265,000 miles on it so one can never tell. Have the car checked out and depending on how it was maintained it will probably serve you well,

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This is the car. The car was maintained well.

But I appreciate your advice. I will def have it checked by a mechanic.

Thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

It appears to be a fair deal compared to one’s I’ve found around here, much lower mileage examples are more like $5,000.

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National average is about 13,500 annually. 165k is about average for a 12+ year old car. As noted, though, that has no bearing on the car’s condition.