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2003 Pontiac Vibe

I am looking at buying a 2003 Pontiac Vibe with 160 000 miles. I think that is really high. Is this a good car to have, is maintaince on this going to be rediculous? Any advise?

160k is very high mileage for a used car. If you like that model compare it to one with 40k compare the price difference, an extra few grand for lower mileage will probably pay for itself in the long run.

If you have a spare $1000-$2000 tucked away for major repairs/maintenance go for it.

The likely hood of repairs/expensive maintenance past 8yrs/150k goes up considerably.

What makes this car so appealing to you?

Is this the first owner? If so, can they produce maintenance records? The Vibe could be a good deal if the car was well maintained.

Does the seller of this Vibe have maintenance records? I’d want to make sure all necessary maintenance has been done according to the manufacturer’s schedule.

I’d be more inclined to sell a car with 160,000 miles than to buy one. Can’t you find a vehicle with fewer miles?

I own an 03 Vibe and have driven it 150k miles. I have never had anything go wrong with it. It’s on it’s second set of tires and serpentine belt and I’ve changed the fluids and filters, but other than that nothing at all. Keep in mind that it is essentially a Toyota Corolla wagon and if it’s been well maintained and the price is right, $4k or a little less, it should last quite awhile and be a good deal. Again how it has been maintained is the most important thing. Any car can become “unreliable” if it has not been maintained, Honda, Toyota or anything else.