Value of low mileage in a private sale?

I’m considering buying a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L V8 with only 17,500 miles. A senior couple owned it and had other people drive them in it to doctors appointments and other local short drives. Most comparable Jeeps have an average 100K miles. It has always been garaged and it has only needed oil changes and a new battery.

Is there a risk that this vehicle hasn’t been driven ENOUGH?
What is the value of 17.5K miles vs. the average 100K - an 80K mileage difference?

I have owned three Jeep Grand Cherokees (purchased each new) since 1997 and they have all been extremely reliable with only regular maintenance required.

My feeling is that the vehicle has been driven enough to prevent problems. The big worry on things like this is engine oil but considering the oil changes this could well be a non-issue.

As to value that can be debateable. The low miles account for a bump but by no means should it justify asking a new or near new price for it. It’s still an 8 year old vehicle.
You might got to the NADA website and poke the numbers in to see what they say about it although it should be kept in mind values provided are just like other sites; guidelines only.

Sounds like a peach to me so should I ask how much they’re wanting for this thing?

It’s probably worth more to you because of your previous good experience and affinity for Grand Cherokees. Someone else may just be looking for an SUV and not care so much about make, model, comfort. etc.

Remember, when buying a car there is often an intangible element that we online can’t help you with. There’s no point in buying a reliable car at a good price if you don’t like driving it.

The most premium I would pay for a well maintained, low mileage vehicle like that would be $1000.

Based on age, you will have to change the coolant, perhaps belts and other things that deteriorate with age.

I’d offer 1/2 the original purchase price.

what did it cost new?

@wesw …according to the records I could find on web…the msrp value for Jeep Grand Cherokees in 2007 ran from $25802 to $39210 based on the model and trim of these vehicles. The lowest price was a 2WD 4 door Laredo and the highest was a 4WD 4 door Overland. There’s a big gap there when considering price. I too find very low mileage of little value and like @Docnick my offer would be $1000 or probably less in my case. I am also a big fan of the Grand Cherokee and the Cherokee as well. The one thing that I know for sure is that the 2WD models are much more reliable than the AWD or 4WD versions. The reason is fairly obvious. They also get better fuel economy.

I doubt they will ever get half of the original price.

it may well be worth it since it was garage kept and well maintained. this is just the kind of car I look for.

I still don t think that they’ll ever get that much.

if the OP is still out there…, what are they asking for the jeep?

thanks @missileman

Since this is a private sale, maintenance records should be available for your inspection.
If you can verify that the oil was changed at least once each year, it might be worthwhile buying this vehicle.

If you can’t verify that the oil was changed at least once per year, I suggest that you leave this “opportunity” for somebody else.

Just punch the info and numbers in used car valuation. It would actually break the price down and tell you how much it is adding for the miles. That way you know what you are doing.

I also want to mention that the 2007 is probably a lot different than the ones you have had. I would check on the Jeep forums for common known problems ahead of purchase.

If a Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 suits your needs, then yes, this one would be worth paying a premium price for…But keep in mind it’s still a 2007 Jeep…A 7 year old vehicle, so don’t get carried away…

According to Edmunds, the value of 17,500 miles is $1239 for this SUV.

If the price is right, this one sounds like a good risk to me. Remember that at seven years old you’ll need to look at replacing some of the elastomers, like belts, and fluids, and check the condition of the tires. Have a trusted shop give it a once-over and let us know how you made out.

Personally, that low mileage would have a huge affect on a perspective car as far as me wanting to buy it. Cars are victims of driving habits and though you can kill a car quickly, 17k plus miles doesn’t give the original owner time to abuse a car. Heck, you are only talking about three oil changes and very little "missed " maintenance can occur. Heck too, no one drives a car as well as I do ( we all feel that way) and having that few miles, makes a big positive impression for me.

if they had people drive them places, those people may have been on their best behavior with the owner sitting beside them. it may have been taken out once a week to do the shopping and to go to the doctor every so often. if they had kept it 5 more years, i could afford it…

NADA Books have charts for added value for low mileage.