Used chevy impala

im looking into buying a 2001 chevy impala 3800. there is 110,000 miles on it and the price is $5,950. the owner says that it has been kept up and is in good cond. he also said this type of car would run up to 300,000 miles. is this true? and is this a good idea to buy?

he also said this type of car would run up to 300,000 miles

Want to see some serious backpedaling? Ask the seller what they base this claim on and if they might want to back that up in writing. Any car has the potential to go 300k miles with proper care. So here’s their chance to show you the receipts for the maintenance they have done. You’d be surprised what some people classify as “kept up”.

In any case, no one here can advise you properly without looking the car over in person. That’s why it’s so important to get a professional opinion from a mechanic you trust. Used car sales are, by default, ‘as is’ transactions. This car could die the day after you shell out your cash and you’d be stuck with the consequences. So if $6k is a lot of money to you, you should protect yourself as best you can under the circumstances. If they truly believe it is in good shape, they should have nothing to fear from an inspection.

Private sale? Believe nothing. Confirm everything.

I went with a friend to look at a used Corolla in “excellent condition”. Before he (the seller) started the engine, while the engine was still cold, I opened the hood. The reservoir was bone dry. There were signs that the coolant may have blown out…residue on the radiator support. I opened the radiator cap…brand new radiator and cap…and the coolant was slightly low and obviously brand new. He started the car and it went pocka-pocka-pocka. My friend took the car for a test drive and said it “didn;t feel right”. We asked, and the car had been on the markket for over six months.

Yup, you gessed it, the engine had been overheated and apparently had a bad headgasket. We asked a friend who worked with the seller. It’s a small world.

If you have it checked by a shop and it comes up with a clean bill of health, and the price is right for a private sale (Kelley BB), and you like the truck, and you’re willing to support the gas costs, then by all means go for it. But do not base your decision on any predictions about how long the truck might last.

did you have the car checked bye your mechanic before you bought it.or a car fax report.300.000miles i dont know.that car came with dexcoolant in radiator.checked to make sure the radiator was flushed that is a good engine.keep on regular maintence good luck

Forget the 300,000 mile claim, he has no idea. This car is no better than any other as far as going that many miles. Click on the button, see what Impalas are available in your area for under $6,000. I found lots of them near me. Don’t be in any rush, this is a common car at an average price, nothing special.

i would have to agree with texases i live in pittsburgh.their are alot of impalas around.and for less than 6000 and lower miles.take your time look around before buying this car.i think you will be suprise to see what is out their for 6.000.the montecarlo is very simular with the impala

Truly, have that car inspected before you purchase. You might start by checking to see if any ‘engine codes’ are apparent without the CEL. A Carfax report will give you some general information, but a few hundreds in an inspection can save you some money and headaches down the road. Been there and have done it.

Not a good idea. The car isn’t quite a boat anchor yet but I wouldn’t try to stay afloat with it around ny neck. If he won’t take $3000, walk away.