International harvester engin swap



I have an International Scout 800 B with an in-line 6 engin. It’s strong but not fast at all. A friend of mine has a 345 V8 from a 72 scout 2 that he will give me cheep.
My question is:
How do I know if the motor will bolt up to my transmission?
I’ll be doing this in the driveway so I really don’t want to take it apart and have it not work.


Maybe your friend has the bell housing for the V-8. If so you don’t have a problem mating the transmission. There may be some other inconsistancies in the swap of course.


You might want to check and see which axles you have, IIRC the V8 models had beefier axles to handle the extra torque of the V8


I’m curious as to why a larger engine is wanted. The inline 6s, both Jeep/AMC engines, were likely the best engines ever offered in early Scouts and the 345 V-8 doesn’t seem to have been an option on the early models. The V-8s offered were the 266 and 304.


I can understand the want of the V8 but if it was me I would keep the Scout as original as possible and take my time putting it back close to new appearance. A full restoration would be costly but would that be nice.


Just a guess, but the OP may find it difficult to keep up w/modern day traffic and feel driving that way is a little unsafe.


The 6-cyl engine was available on the Scout 800 and for a short while, the 800A. It was not offered on the 800B at all. If the Scout has the I-6, someone put it in. Maybe they replaced an original I-4.


The original Scout has developed a cult following and I believe that the first series was only offered with the half V-8-slant 4 engines. I would guess that an I-H V-8 would be a cinch to install but the gear ratios wouldn’t allow much use of the additional power of the V-8. Somewhere in the early years I-H installed the I-6 engine that was shared with AMC and it was totally adequate for the truck. The later larger model was a flop as was the Travelall. My experience with those early models was limited and my only source on their specifications is google. The earliest models shared a drive train with Jeeps and used those slant 4 engines. The 390 split was a monsterous 4 cylinder. I became somewhat tallented at repairing the front ends and front hubs used on the Scouts and Jeeps and had several shops refer their customers to me for that work.