International harvester engin swap

Sounds like you don’t have the V8 anymore but see post #9. Looks like there are some physical problems.

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I’m pretty sure I don’t have a deadline on any of this stuff so I don’t really see how I could be late for anything.
I have no mechanical training at all, I just love old vehicles (cars, trucks, and bikes) so it’s all for my enjoyment.
I forgot to mention after my buddy used the Motor I was hoping to get, I came across a 72 scout II in bad shape for a good deal, so I bought that thinking I would take the motor and scrap the rest but I had so much fun with it I fixed it up, drove it for a year and a half, and sold it for a profit.
So, I have been busy wrenching, just not on the 800. I don’t think I’ll ever sell the 800 so it’s there when I want to get back to it. In the mean time it’s a beautiful lawn ornament. (I think anyway)
Side note: I found the scout II much easier to work on than the 800. But I just think the 800 is so much classier.

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I have a problem with that! What is it, what do you want for it?

Ah, hell you’re probably on the wrong side of the country.