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Internal lights out and now Car wont start

Car: Seat Leon 2010, manual trans.
On Saturday, upon starting the car after it had been driven 1 hour before, no internal electricity would work (dash board/internal lights, electronic windows, turn signal (internal and external), touch screen, electrical side view mirrors). The car itself ran and got home. I assumed it was something with a fuse, but all those under the hood aren’t blown and I can’ seem to find (/it doesn’t seem to exist as there is just empty space where the manual says it should be) the internal fuses.
Today (monday) I looked again and made sure none of the fuses under teh hood are blown and made sure (by taking out and putting right back in) all the fuses in the hood to make sure they are in all the way. Although I didn’t test turning the car on since saturday, now, it wont start at all. In internal overhead lights go on when the door is open and the security code needed to start up the car work, but there is zero reaction when trying to turn the key.

What is wrong with the car? a fuse? battery? wiring? did I maybe put a fuse in the wrong spot?

what should I do? try to jump start it or just get it towed to the shop (as anyways its due for a checkup…


There Aren’t Too Many Cars From Spanish Manufacturers In The U.S. I’ve Never Seen A SEAT In My Neck Of The Woods.

Have you checked online for any SEAT forums ? Perhaps somebody else has had a similar problem with their León and could help you ?

Is this car still covered by factory warranty ?


…and since Seats are very similar to VWs and share many VW components, it is also possible that a VW Golf forum may give you some helpful advice. To many of us in the US, the possibility that your car shares electrical components with VWs is…not comforting, but some VW owners may have had similar problems.