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What now?!

My car started not starting a while back, so I jumped it, and it finally started. After about a month of that, it began turning over, but then would just stop, then turn over and eventually start-but it always seemed as though it wasn’t going to start. Finally, it wouldn’t start again, so I tried jumping it again. This wouldn’t even start it. I got a battery charger, and put it on, and nothing. I was told by many that my battery was shot and i needed a new one.
So, I have bought a new battery, and now the car starts, but there are all sorts of lights and warning lights that are on. The picture of the car on my dash shows that my back door is open, so the dome lights won’t shut off. The main problem with that being that I only have 2 doors on my car-no back doors. Also, the convertible top won’t operate now, it says it’s too hot to run, and the air bag malfunction light is on. It seems to change every time I turn the car on. Sometimes the windows don’t go up, or down, the sun roof won’t open, or close, and all sorts of weird things seem to be happening. I am assuming that there is some sort of electrical problem, but I have no clue. I also do not have a job right now, so am absolutely strapped for cash, so am scared to death about taking it to a shop. Any suggestions of things to try or to do would be SO appreciated.

Ask the dealer’s parts department to print for you a copy of the “reinitialization processes” for the ECU and othere systems. You may need to have some lights cleared with a scan tool, but the procedures are a good place to start. When a battery is removed in modern cars, the computers that control everything lose their memories. Some can be “reinitialized”, but since you may have stored codes in your adventure, you may have to have the ECU reset.