Intermittent Stalling

I have a 2001 Mazda Tribute, 5-speed manual, with about 70k miles on it. During the last month I’ve had 5 episodes of stalling. Here’s what happens: On a warm day (70+ degrees) after the car has been driven for a while (20+ minutes) and turned off for a short time and then started back up, it stalls every time I come to a stop or slow down to make a sharp turn. This continues all the way home. It’s kind of a pain because the power steering goes out when it stalls. And it absolutely will not misbehave for my mechanic - figures!

I would drive the car on a warm day for more than twenty minutes and drive to the mechanic, and keeping the car running, turn the car over to my mechanic and see what happens.
Does this happen more often after you have driven the car twenty minutes at higher rev’s, say on a highway, and do you tend to speed? What happens if you drive at lower rev’s for twenty minutes? I assume the check engine light is off.

Since you have a manual tranny you must also have a tachometer. See if the tach indicates a lower RPM at idle after you have restarted the car after twenty minutes of driving than it does at idle after driving the car after twenty minutes without restarting the car. It may be that your belief that the car stalls only after you have driven it for twenty minute AND turned it off and restarted may have more to do with your routine than with a problem associated with and initiated by restarting the car. If in fact you notice the car is idling lower after you have restarted the car, then you probably have a few leaky injectors.