Car Stalls over and over, but as long as I give it gas it runs fine, until I stop, then it stalls

I have a Mazda Tribute with a manual transmission. About two years ago a sporadic issue started occurring. I would drive somewhere with no problems. Stop the car and park. Then when I would go to drive off the car would stall. It stalls and stalls and stalls. Start up the engine, it cuts out. Weird thing is that I can limp home. I give it gas and I back up. Then when I stop it stalls. I shift into 1st and drive, I can get up to highway speeds no problem, then drive (the most I have had to go is 45 miles) on the highway, but when I get off and get to a stop or a light, the car stalls. Start it up and keep this going all the way home.

Two hours later, get in the car… like NOTHING happened. I have brought it to my mechanic, the dealership and asked countless friends to no avail. They always say “bring the car to me when its doing that.” The one time I had a shot at that, I got it to the dealer, and then it didn’t stall. It stalled the whole way to the dealer, but not when I got there.

Any ideas?


Clean the throttle and idle air control valve.

Thanks! I’ll give that a shot.

Yep, sounds like a standard idle speed problem. Good job, Rod.